Dreams Are Destinations in Your Internal GPS!

By Susan Ford Collins

Here’s something you need to know about your brain… and the brains of people you live with and work with… as you head into a new day.

Like the GPS in your car, your brain contains a Search and Find function. When you head somewhere, first you enter the details of the location you wish to reach.

When you head for a destination in life, you must do the same thing… first enter in your internal GPS (your Reticular Activating System) … not the city, house number, street and zip… but the precise sensory details of the experience you want. So when you get there, you’ll know “You’ve arrived.”

A word of caution up front… not all of the destinations you enter in your internal GPS are where you really want to go. All too often, we unconsciously program in destinations we don’t want to reach… fears, failures, arguments, upsets… mistakenly thinking our brain will somehow magically translate that input into what we do want instead. But it can’t and it doesn’t so we keep “arriving at the same unwanted destinations” again and again… job situations we dislike, relationship issues we don’t want.

And we also mistakenly keep programming what we don’t want in other people’s brains too… our spouses’ and friends’, our employees’ and kids’ … don’t be late, don’t play with matches, don’t drink and drive, like don’t forgot to call … thinking our strongly stated “negative destination” will head them in a positive direction. But it won’t. Here’s why…

Like it or not… we have a Positive Command Brain

To the human brain, all statements are positive. Don’t think about a pink elephant immediately becomes do think about a pink elephant. The not is deleted so the thought can be understood.

So if you hear yourself saying I don’t want to be late, you need to quickly catch your mistake and turn your instruction around… I want to be on time. Then, with a positive destination in mind, your inner computer will begin producing that result. Instead of don’t play with matches, we need to say play with your new video game. Don’t drink and drive needs to become… if you choose to drink, select a designated driver to take you home safely.

What positive destinations do you have in your life? What negative destinations do you need to rethink and restate?

Are you as clear about the details of your dreams as you are about the destinations you enter in you GPS?

From now on remember this…

What you think is what you get, like it or not.

So make sure youthink about what you do want… instead of what you don’t want.

And make sure you communicate what you want in detail too.

Then your brain will direct you, and others, there and, like your car’s GPS, it will suggest alternative routes too. Recalculating… recalculating…

Something else life-changing for 2016

Take some time to consider this vital life-changing question: Are the destinations you have in mind really your destinations? Or are they destinations other people have in mind for you… your parents’, your teacher’s, your bosses’, your spouse’s. Are they destinations you never wanted before and don’t want now either?

It’s time to grab the steering wheel of your life, reset your Internal GPS, drive, and arrive, where you really want to be! Where you will find the joy of success!

c) Susan Ford Collins. For permission to use this article, email susanfordcollins@msn.com

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